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School description

Göksun Science High School was built in 2014. There are 380 students in the school. It is the most successful school in Göksun. The students have to pass an exam to enroll this school.

The school has 3 floors. There are 5 classes, a canteen and physics lab in the first floor. There are also biology and chemistry laboratories. The students do some experiments with the teachers help in the laboratories.

There are 24 teachers in the school and they are professionals. Each class has generally 25 students and there are 15 classes in the school.

There is a culture corner in the second floor where students and teachers do some cultural activities and some celebrations.

In the third floor there are biology lab, computer lab and library. There are 30 computers in the computer lab and there are lots of novels, dictionaries and encyclopedias in the library.

There is a dormitory in the school garden. The students of the school come from different regions (from city center ( Kahramanmaraş) or the villages of Göksun). There are two parts of the dormitory for girls and boys. 100 boys and 100 girls stay in the dormitory.

There is also a gym in the garden. Students do some sports activities such as football, volleyball, table tennis and wrestling here. Wrestling is a popular sport in Göksun. There are many sportsmen in the town chosen for the Turkey Wrestling National Team. The students have won many medals from different tournaments.ng with Sports halls, laboratories and multi-purpose halls where various activities can be held.

Country amd city description

Country description

Kahramanmaraş is located inside the borders of Eastern Anatolia Region. Kahramanmaraş is famous with its delicious ice cream. It has an important tourism potential with its caves, Külliye of Eshab-i Keyf and its plateaus.

Kahramanmaraş was founded as a Hittite city- state 1000 BC. Later, the city was called as Germanicia Caesarea in the time of the Roman and Byzantine empires. Prior to 1973, Kahranmanmaras was known as Maraş pronounced Marash. It gained its modern name on October 7, 1973 when the Grand National Assembly of Turkey added "Kahraman" (hero) to the name.

City description

Göksun is located 91 km from Kahramanmaraş city center. Göksun is a very old settlement. Göksun is a town with a population of around 56.000 people.

Göksun’s apple is so famous. Every year Göksun Apple Feast is hold. Göksun has a lof of ancient castles such as Kaleboynu,Aybastı and Kızılkale. There are some rivers in this province like Göksu, Törbüzek and Kömursuyu.

The winters are so cold and snowy in Göksun. If you want to visit our province, you should come in spring or summer.



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