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Project description

Early school leaving (ESL) is a complex problem faced by the EU countries in the 21st century and has visible effects on students’ personal and professional development. Considering the possible adverse effects of ESL both at personal and societal levels the European Commission has freshen up as a key target the reduction of ESL

to less than 10% by 2020 for education and training, following a previous policy from 2003 that aimed the reduction to 10% by 2010.

Social exclusion, insufficient awareness of educational disadvantage, an unfriendly school climate, learning problems, poverty and school curricula are some of the factors that lead to abandon education prematurely. Wanting to build a supportive community for learners, families and teachers, 5 secondary schools from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Poland and Romania decided to work together.

United by the desire to build a supportive community for learners, families and teachers, the project partners decided to join their efforts in offering a practical example that can contribute to the target set by the European Commission.

“YOUR CHOICE, YOUR LIFE” was designed to promote innovative inclusive learning activities that engage learners in the learning process in order to contribute to their personal and educational growth as future EU citizens.

The diversity of the partners facilitates the exchange of know-how practical solutions and policies used to prevent and combat early school leaving.

Through this project the participants benefit in a range of different ways: empathy, social acceptance, ICT and communication skills, self-esteem, and autonomy. Their motivation for learning and working increased acknowledging that they are architects of their future. Students have become active European citizens and more tolerant towards other cultures.